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What are the Benefits of Personal Training?

Personal Training involves working one on one with a Trainer towards your goals.

Your trainer will:

  • develop a customized program based on your individual needs and goals

  • give you individualized attention and support

  • give you the most workout in the minimum of time

  • provide advice and guidance on nutrition

  • modify your program as necessary

  • recommend complementary health care services that relate to your goals and lifestyle needs

  • teach you new skills or improve your performance in your favourite sport

Why Would Personal Training Help Me?

If you are unfamiliar with exercise and fitness, have difficulty sticking with a program, or just want to get more out of your workouts, then personal training is for you.

How do i get started?

Your training will begin with an interview to determine your goals, exercise and health history and a fitness assessment. After that is completed your trainer will begin to develop your program and get you started.

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