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About Us

Our Company

 Legends Fitness Inc. is a personal training company founded in 1995 by Personal Trainers Marc Chinaloy and Tyler Waddell. They operate from a studio in downtown Toronto and from client's homes.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving the health, fitness and performance of dedicated individuals.

The Legends Fitness philosophy is all about lifestyle. Our goal is to teach our clients to balance work, play, fitness and healthy eating into overall well being. All of our staff follow these same principles. There is nothing we recommend to our clients that we do not do ourselves.

In addition to Personal Training, we also provide:

  • Fitness Assessments

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • Nutritional Products

  • Coaching for Endurance Sports


To complete the overall package of a healthy lifestyle, Legends Fitness has an extensive network of health practitioners including registered massage therapists, doctors, chiropractors and shiatsu therapists.

For personal attention and service, give us a call.

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