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Nutritional Philosophy

The key to a successful and healthy lifestyle is the eating. What you eat not only determines your weight and body composition but also your mood, energy and how well you control the effects of stress. For the past six years, Legends Fitness has recommended emphasizing quality protein and vegetables, low in starchy carbohydrates and moderate in fruit, natural fats and oils.

The more closely our clients follow this style of eating, the better they feel and the faster they reach their goals.

Who can benefit from this type of eating?

Everyone can. We train men, women and everyone from endurance athletes doing more than 15 hours per week of aerobic exercise, to couch potatoes just trying to become more active and energetic.

Nutritional Services

Our personal training services include ongoing nutritional support throughout the course of the workouts.

Nutritional Supplements

At Legends Fitness we don't recommend a lot of supplements. But there are some that are important to fill the void left by today's hectic lifestyles.

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